What is The Island Photobooth?

The Island Photobooth is a professional photographer in a box, the life of the party, an open-air photo booth extravaganza! Unlike a traditional enclosed claustrophobic photo booth, The Island Photobooth has a massive wall-sized backdrop which can fit HUGE groups of people all in one shot. All The Island Photobooth experiences include a cheerful and energetic Booth Butler who is there to help bring out the best photos in your guests through the The Island Photobooth. Plus, they help make sure you don’t get any of those awkward “how does this thing work” photos (although those are some of our favorites).

Why Choose The Island Photo Booth?

The Island Photobooth is a simple and amazing addition to any event. Imagine your event being fun, now imagine it being 10x more fun. Yep, that's what The Island Photobooth does. At The Island Photobooth we love going above and beyond to help you come up with amazing custom backdrop ideas and themed props. While most traditional photo booths use a webcam or consumer level point-n-shoot camera, The Island Photobooth was designed by professional photographers with the highest quality in mind. Guests always rave about how insanely amazing the quality of images are that come out of this magical little box. When it comes down to it, all we really want is to ensure that guests have a blast! The Island Photobooth will capture the energy and create some hilarious memories along the way.

How many people can fit in one photo?

On average The Island Photobooth snaps a photo of around 2-8 people, but we’ve seen up to 20 squeeze in to a group shot. Consider it a challenge.

What is a "backdrop"?

In other words, it’s the background you’ll see in your picture. You get to choose one of ours for FREE, supply your own, or you can ask The Island Photobooth to create a customised one just for your event.

Will there be someone from The Island Photobooth at the event?

Yes, there will always be a professional, energetic and engaging The Island Photobooth Booth Butler  at your event ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that guests have the time of their life.

What are the space/power requirements?

For the full The Island Photobooth experience, we require at least an 9 ft. x 9 ft’. square on completely level flooring (no gravel, uneven ground, etc), at least 8ft. of height, and 1 dedicated 3-pronged outlet within 20 feet. That said, we can modify the The Island Photobooth setup to fit into much smaller spaces if absolutely necessary. 

What kind of professional equipment does The Island Photobooth use?

The Island Photo Booth uses top-notch Canon DSLR cameras with a nifty professional dye-subliminal photo printer calibrated specifically for that camera. Dye Sublimation printing doesn't print in dots like that of inkjet printing; so it provides a much higher photo image quality. In addition, each print has an over-coating protective layer that is water and fingerprint resistant and can make the photo last up to 50 years under normal environments (or about 10 seconds in the hands of a two-year-old).

Does The Island Photo Booth give any discounts?

We often get asked about discounts particularly for charity and fundraiser events that would like The Island Photobooth at their event. We wish we could sponsor each and every one but the reality is that we just can't do every single one, and this makes us feel horrible. So we’ve tried to figure out a solution to the problem in order to support our community as much as possible. We created a package specifically tailored to charities and fundraising events - our Good Will Package. This package is much cheaper but you will still get the same great service from us. There are a few restrictions involved: 

  1. You must be a registered charity holding a fundraising event


  1. You must be having a not for profit event that will donate all funds to a charity or organization. 
  2. Maximum of 200 people at the event 
  3. Minimum 2 hour rental is required 
  4. Events held Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 3pm – midnight will be accepted on a case by case basis. All dates are subject to availability

Can I go green?

Yes! Having an eco-friendly event? Our popular GoGreen option is a photo booth without paper prints. You’ll save $100 off the cost of your rental and save the environment at the same time! Just quote GoGreen when booking with us (can only be applied to packages including prints). All of your guest's favorite social sharing features will still be enabled during the event and all the digital photos will be delivered after the event as usual.

Does The Island Photobooth Travel?

The Island Photobooth is located in Antigua in the West Indies. Any locations beyond our wonderful island will come at an additional cost. But we do love visiting new places. 

How early will The Island Photobooth arrive to my event?

The Island Photobooth will make sure to arrive early enough to be completely set up and tested before the photo taking begins. This is usually about an 30 minutes to an hour before the party begins. We do charge a small additional fee for setup more than 1 hour 30 minutes before an event.

How much does The Island Photobooth cost?

Our pricing structure, found on our pricing page, is very simple with lots of room for add-ons and customization to fit your event perfectly!

What do the prints look like? What size are they?

Each print is customized to fit your specific event or theme! We'll come up with a custom graphic on the print and match the colors to compliment the background. Although The Island Photobooth can print thin strips, we tend to favor 4x6 inch prints as they're bigger, bolder and hold up to wear and tear better! Thin strips get put in people's pockets and ruined, the 4x6's last all the way home and easier to frame. 

So we had a blast at our event! Now what? 

All of your AWESOME images will be either on our Facebook page or in an online viewing gallery where you and guests can share. Galleries are online for 30 days so spread the word and download them all! Our online viewing galleries can be password protected if you want, but that is totally up to you!

How many photos can we take? Do we get copies?

Our packages vary on the number of photos received starting from double prints all the way up to unlimited prints. We also have our unlimited prints available as an additional add on. 

Does The Island Photbooth have props?

Props are our favorite part! Without props guests can be very camera shy, but throw a giant pirate hat and wigs galore in the mix and boy do guests go bonkers! Need custom props to fit your event or theme? Contact us, we'd love to make it happen!

Can you provide a guestbook?

We can! Guestbooks are one of our most popular package add-ons, especially for Weddings. 

My company wants to use The Island Photobooth to help promote our brand. Can you help with this?

Absolutely! We have extensive experience in social media & online marketing. We can help you come up with a creative concept that fits your specific brand or business and leads to as much exposure and engagement as possible. Contact us for more details.

Can you do outdoor events?

Yes, outdoor events can be a lot of fun! HOWEVER, weather and lighting are always a consideration when shooting outdoors. If we are using a cloth backdrop setup, we almost always need to be set up against a wall to protect against wind. Also, if rain or high winds become an issue, we will have to protect our equipment and your guests by shutting down the booth until conditions improve. To be safe, if there’s an overhead shelter that is protected from the elements, we can set up there. Lastly, the ground where we're setting up needs to be level and even, we don't want The Island Photobooth or any of the guests taking a fall!