5 Celebrity Photo booths we love!

Take some inspiration from favourite celebrity - chances are they have had a photbooth at one of their events. Here's some of our favourite celeb photo booths.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Photo booth royalty - it seems as though every event they have there's a Black & White booth. Even on their big day, phones were banned, but it wasn't long before the photo booth shots started to pop up on Instagram. 

Taylor Swift

It's a sign of a great God mother when you organise a baby shower for your best friend complete with photo booth with plenty of props and costumes. 

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux required all their wedding guests to leave their phones at the door of their surprise wedding. But the Photo Booth in their back yard ensured that their celeb friends including Courtney Cox were able to pocket some photo memories. Photos from the wedding haven't surfaced, but here she is having a great time in the Golden Globes Photo booth! Loving the gold tassel backdrop. 

Harry Styles 

There's a chance that memories of a 21st birthday celebration may be a little hazy the next morning. Good job One Direction's Harry Styles booked a Photo Booth!  

Russell Westbrook

How can you not love this photo? When NBA star Russell Westbrook married his school sweetheart at the Beverly Hills Hilton, they knew a Photo Booth would be a big hit with their guests. But even better than that it gives the Bride & Groom a chance to escape from the crowd and create personal memories for their loved ones.